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Helpful Videos on Feline Health & Training


Environmental Enrichment

Enrichment for indoor cats is so important - not only for the well-being of your cat but also for health - "Pandora Syndrome" is the newer term used for stress-mediated diseases in cats, the best known of which is Feline Interstitial Cystitis, which is THE most common cause of lower urinary signs (peeing around the house, straining to urinate, urinating small amounts) in cats under 10 years of age.

We now know that cats can be sensitized when in the mom's uterus (if she is stressed), creating a kitten who doesn't have a normal stress response. This can allow for diseases mediated by stress in that offspring! The overall best long-term treatment is dealing with that stress. Use your imagination and don't forget to look at increased space (including vertical), litterbox options, food puzzles/toys as well as play options.

In the short term, pain medication will alleviate the symptoms and break the cycle.  Antibiotics are almost NEVER indicated in cats under 10.



Dr. Rosenberg demonstrates how to clicker train your cat


Clicker training is a fun, positive and effective training technique, very suited for cats. The concept is simple. 

The sound of a "click" (or any distinctive sound) is paired with a treat. The "click" can then be used to mark specific points in time that coincide with the trick or behaviour that you want to teach your cat, and your cat  thinks of the treat, so effectively gets the reward during the act of doing the trick.  You give the treat shortly afterwards. Watch the video below for a demo.

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