London Cat Clinic

6 Stanley St
London, ON N6C 1A8


COVID-19 Information

Temporary Clinic Policies & Hours of Operation


Hours currently available both in-clinic, by telemedicine and over-the-phone:

Monday - Friday:

8am - 6pm


We are now open for all routine appointments, in person (you are welcome to come in, or continue with drop off as before) as long as no Covid/Resp symptoms or high risk in contact exposure.

  • We are open for all routine and non-routine appointments.

  • Feel free to come in for your appointment or continue with drop off (wait at home or outside, need to be available by phone).  Please keep in person appointments to one person from household, except for extenuating circumstances.

  • We are still requiring a mask to come in to the clinic, even after Mar 21, 2022, for both examinations and food/med pickups.

  • We are still providing our popular curb side pickup for meds and food as an option - please call ahead due to time needed for meds and shortages for food.

  • We may still admit cases that require diagnostics or treatments.


New Policies:

Appointment Procedures: 

  • Telemedicine:
    Once we have set up your appointment time, please go to your Telemedicine Conference. Please sign in with your name and you will be admitted into the "waiting room".  The doctor will "admit you" when she is ready for your appointment.

  • Clinic Appointments: As of Monday Mar 21, 2022, we are back to our usual work flow, including having our doors open for clients, except that we are still requiring masks to come in for the near future.  Please limit exam room visitors to 1 person whenever possible, due to confined spaces.  We do have an in-room air filter in each of our rooms, for added safety.  If you are not yet comfortable coming in, we will continue drop off appointments as alternative.