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Tips and Tricks for giving a Pill

How to give a pill


Always follow pills with a bit of water by syringe, or canned food, to aid in swallowing.  Or, you can dab the pill in a bit of butter before giving, or "butter the nose" afterwards, which also aids in swallowing by increasing salivation.

Another demonstration of how to give your cat a pill


A few comments for above video - very well explained and demo'd but we no longer scruff cats for procedures.  Also, if you are using baby food to follow as a treat, ensure there is NO added garlic or onion powder.

How to Give SQ fluids



Giving your cat liquid medications


How to brush your cat's teeth




How to train a cat to an inhaler


Other suggestions include rubbing your cats face with them mask and once they are used to that, you can slip it over the nose briefly, before continuing to rub the cheeks, chin etc, so they just think of it as part of petting.  Over time, you can increase the amount of time the mask is on!

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