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Medical & Surgical Cases


About Cats:

Cats are such unique animals with the innate ability to mask disease symptoms so that they are not perceived as "sick" or "weak" by those animals who consider them prey in their wild state. This is a great life-saving feature for a wild animal, but not so good when trying to live an optimal life as a pet. Hiding diseases means it is more difficult for even the very attentive cat parent to recognize when things are amiss.


Acute Medical and Surgical Management...

We offer emergency and critical care medical services for our clients during our working hours.  We may be able to provide care for those not currently clients but it would be on an as-available basis - please call if you have need and we will help if we can. 

Common services include:

  • Intravenous fluids for dehydration or shock

  • pain management associated with trauma or diseases

  • nausea management associated with diseases

  • diagnostic xrays, blood tests, urine tests

  • therapeutic and diagnostic chest taps, abdominal taps, chest tube placement, urinary catheter placement, cystocentesis (urine collected directly from the bladder)

  • ICU care with blood pressure, temperature, electrolyte, sugar, kidney function and urine output monitoring for diseases such as diabetic ketoacidosis, kidney failure, liver diseases, etc

  • supplemental oxygen for heart disease, shock, respiratory distress
calico kitten

We also offer some emergency surgeries, but dependent on the condition, we may elect to stabilize your cat and refer them to another facility.  Emergency dental procedures will try to be handled here and we always try to see male cats with urinary obstructions as soon as possible and offer emergency surgery if needed, including bladder drainage (cystocentesis) and perineal urethrostomy  ("PU") surgeries. Car accidents and fractures are also seen as soon as possible and we will splint and stabilize your cat, but may refer to a surgeon for pins and plates if needed.


Chronic Disease Management and Second Opinion Exams...

A large part of what we do is managing diseases that are chronic in nature - kidney disease, liver disease, thyroid disease, inflammatory bowel disease, chronic urinary problems, heart disease and cancer.

Since we only see cats at our practice, our entire experience is based on how cats show disease, what diseases cats are likely to get, and how best to medicate and treat cats.  We will help you along the way with dietary suggestions, conventional medicines and alternative therapies and supplements, tailored to you and your cat's personal preferences.

blue eyed cat

We offer cancer treatment, including a discussion of prognosis, treatment options, pain and nausea management, some basic chemotherapy and referral if more advanced treatments are warranted.  Surgery is also available here for some cancers, while others may be referred.


Wellness Exams...

  1. strive to detect subtle changes which may indicate the development of chronic diseases or nutritional deficiencies, which may be easer to remedy in the early stages.  An example is B12 deficiency (which is very common in older cats and those with gastrointestinal disease).

  2. teach and instruct you on how to best care for you cat or kitten

  3. discuss preventive medicine including weight management, nutrition, dietary supplements which you can start introducing to your cat to delay the onset of disease while they are still healthy.

The Senior Wellness exam includes all or some of the following:

tan cat
  • detailed history taking

  • detailed physical examination and appropriate vaccinations

  • detailed dietary history including what food, how much is eaten and how often fed

  • eye examination - looking at the retina for signs of inflammation or damage from high blood pressure (common in older cats)

  • blood pressure measurement

  • blood work to look at liver, kidneys, pancreas, protein levels, thyroid function, anemia/bone marrow and even heart.

  • urine analysis to look for infection, crystals, blood, kidney concentrating ability

  • stool analysis for parasites

  • other tests such as xrays, ultrasounds, etc.

  • appropriate preventive or therapeutic treatment plan

We tailor the diagnostics and treatments to:

  • what you, the client, wants
  • what is in the best interest of you cat
  • what you cat will allow!

The Adult Wellness Exam includes some or all of the following:

  • detailed history
  • detailed physical examination
  • tailored vaccinations dependent on lifestyle
  • detailed dietary history including what food, how much is eaten and how often fed
  • stool analysis for parasites and/or deworming
  • careful assessment for heart disease which may include blood work or an echocardiogram
  • optional routine baseline wellness blood and urine tests

The Kitten Wellness Exam includes some or all of the following:

  • tailored vaccinations dependent on anticipated lifestyle
  • 2 to 3 comprehensive examinations and consultations to discuss preventive health care, preventive behavioural modification, diet options, nail trimming, teeth brushing, medicating "training", etc.
  • stool analysis for parasites
  • strategic deworming
  • Feline Leukemia Virus, Feline AIDS blood testing.
  • "Kitten Wellness Plans" also include the spay or neuter surgery


Routine Surgeries...

We offer routine surgeries such as:

  • spay and neuter surgeries
  • removal of lumps and biopsies of masses
  • exploratory surgeries for treatment and for diagnostics
  • perineal urethrostomies ("PU"s)


Please contact us to arrange a Wellness check up or if you have a case requiring medical management or surgery.  We can decide together what, if any, further testing is needed after the history and exam.