London Cat Clinic

6 Stanley St
London, ON N6C 1A8


Grooming Services at London Cat Clinic 


Cats come to see us for many of their grooming needs, including:

  • nail trims
  • having mats clipped out
  • good thorough brush outs, getting out a lot of the undercoat
  • belly clips for those cats that have longer hair and don't allow their parents to brush their bellies
  • full "Lion Trims"


The Lion Trim

lion trim cat

We clip the entire torso very short (but not right to the skin like you're used to for surgical clips), leaving peach fuzz which grows back in over the next few months. Sort of like a Crew Cut for cats!

  • we don't clip the head or the neck "mane" (although some people like the mane a little smaller)
  • we leave the legs from the elbows and ankles down fully haired
  • we leave the lovely full tail 


We see both regular patients as well as "grooming-only" patients!

  • For those cats that are easy to groom, one of our Veterinary Technicians will meet with you to discuss your grooming needs on admittance to our clinic and give you a tentative pick up time, but we usually call you once done to see if you want to come in early to get your kitty.  The entire procedure is done by our Technicians and sometimes an assistant.  The Doctor does not need to see your cat and there is no associated examination.
  • For those cats which don't like to be groomed (usually why they come to see us rather than go to a groomer), we recommend starting with a light sedative that is given at home.  Your regular clinic may be able to prescribe that or we can do a brief exam before we schedule the groom.  We have come to find that this is the preferred method to groom cats as we often manage to do the full groom, even in less than cooperative cats, without the need for heavy sedatives or anesthetics.  If needed, we can "top up" that sedation while here and would do a brief exam prior, if that is the case.


Ultimately, you know your cat best and we have come to learn that usually pet parents know how their kitties will behave.

  • If your cat is a senior pet (over 10 years old) or has pre-existing disease and will likely need some form of additional sedation, we may want to do some pre-sedation blood tests - please check with your regular Veterinarian if this is likely.
  • We recommend that your cat has had basic "indoor" vaccinations within the previous 3 years - please call to enquire what is required.  This is for your cat's protection.


If you have any questions or want to schedule a grooming appointment, please give us a call